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The Quackling Collection

Why Ducks?

The History of The Quackling Collection, and the History of The Duck.


The Quackling Collection


Apparently Quackling loved ducks when she was little. Although she didn’t realise this when she left home for University, she had a sudden urge to start collecting them again.


The oldest duck in the collection is the China Trinket box and the newest is her second "Fuzzy" Duck.


Through the 4 years that Quackling has been serious about her collection, she has been given ducks from friends and relatives and, naturally, has been squandering her own funds on her ducks too.


The current collection consists of over 80 ducks and is still growing.











“Real” Ducks are cute, they are easy to find (anywhere near water) and they interact with you, (especially if you have food) so it is no wonder that the Duck is a common favourite animal.


Many people in the world have collections, usually they start with just a few things, this gradually grows, and before they know it they have a whole room dedicated to their collection!


Although my collection didn’t start with the “rubber ducky” around 1/4 of my collection consists of them. Many people all over the world collect rubber ducks, especially as there are now so many different styles of the classic “rubber ducky, in my tub” bath toy.


The rubber duck came about early in the C19 and was made out of hard black rubber. It was invented for the simple reason that children like to play in the bath, and they also like little cute baby animals. There is not any known history of who “invented” it; there is no patent for the original rubber duck and no story about a small toy maker – but they are here and here to stay – what family bathroom could be complete without one?


Now there are collectable ducks made from everything from china to wood and can be found everywhere from garden centres to ebay.

The newest duck


China Trinket Box


A "Real" Duck


The Classic Rubber Ducky


Giant Duck in the Bath


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