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These pages may contain graphic blatherings, which may cause anything from severe boredom to delighted giggles.

Quackling does not accept any responsibility regarding hospitalization, argumentative peers or soggy sandwiches which may, or may not be caused as a result of this site.

The days when people decide to start a blog, are usually days when they are bored, probably on a holiday of some sort, with plenty to do, but nothing really worth doing. Consequently they find themselves without anything to say.

I would guess that the point in a blog would be to tell the rest of the known universe (and possibly the unknown) what ever you are feeling right now… well, if that is the case:




Loosely translated this means “well, yes.” *sigh*.

Another point in a blog might be to entertain people…


*stands on her head and sings baa baa black sheep*


…but without fiddling around for ages with video cameras and suchlike, staring action text doesn’t really cut it.

Perhaps blogs are for educating people? I am using my get out of school free card on this one. I am on HOLIDAY god-damn-it.

So…what is there left? An unfortunate about me paragraph I suppose…   Ž



I am too old to walk down an up escalator, but way too young to claim it was senile dementia.


Im not single, nor married, nor divorced, nor a hermit.


I have two cats, who both have BA degrees in mentalness.


I’m addicted to olives, cheese, red wine the internet and cigarettes. Not all together.


Ill try anything once, and if it doesn’t work, Ill try it again.


Im not really good at anything, but moderately ok at most things. (apart from physics)


I ask a lot of questions that most people would deem to be pointless.


I dont intend for this website to be at all enlightening, sorry.


I dont hate anything which is quite a dramatic statement, but its almost true.

(I do hate baked beans)


That picture up there is my eye


I collect ducks…a lot of them