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Words, words, words...


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The light,

through the net curtains,

silhouetting the kitten,

is right in my eyes.

The steam,

streaming to the ceiling,

keeping me conscious,

is hypnotizing me.

The voices,

American soap stars,

squeaking through the walls,

are agonizing.

That itch,

in my fingers,

to type,
to type,
to type,
is accosted by a kitten who wants attention.

It begins to rain,
The coffee gets cold
The TV is turned off
The kitten rests.

It’s time to summon my muse.



A typo emerges
Helped by erratic digits
The red squiggle illuminates beneath
Delete the mistake
Eradicate new meaning

A waft of smoke rises
From between two yellow fingers
And gradually helps to stain the ceiling
Inhale air
Antihale a puff

 A voice cries

As it breaks the silence

It is ignored by a million pricked ears

Plead ignorance

To avoid belief





“I like your hat.” I blurted
(What a way to start a conversation)
“Thanks, it’s from Monsoon”
And walked off.

She knew nothing of me
I knew increasingly little of her
Each time I saw her she was different
And I envied that.

Sometime later she called on me
We strutted off to the party
Her in Pink Stilettos with alcopop
And a lace top that I could see right though
Such a change from yesterdays
Starched black suit and D.M.’s

I doubted it would work
As her warm kiss touched me though the snow
Though I knew increasingly little of her
There was little of me left to know






Explode into ecstasy
Migrate into misery
Or disperse delightfully
Tramping into tears
Inch into ignorance
Or veer into vigilance
Nestle into nuisance
And flutter all your fears
Loaf into loving
Rattle into raging
Eject into exciting
Snap into smiling
Pounce into perkiness
Or dart into drowsiness
Nip into numbness
Sink into sadness
Emotional Response





Dry tears.
Prisms full of nothing
Weightlessness that isn’t there

You were told too clearly
By white coated men with straight faces

The pastel pink room
Full of comfy chairs and coffee cups
Caved in to swallow you whole

The nothingness grew

You always knew about it
Just never said a word

Three foot high with curled blonde hair
And bright blue eyes
Playing with an imaginary dog
Mother smiling behind — “It will be fine,
And the nurse hadn’t noticed the bruises”

Just staring
Eyes as empty as life would be

Through the electric doors
A pregnant woman walks by





I grin subtly
Organisational mess
Clutters up the spacious hallway

“Substantially insufficient” I thought
And placed another thick book
On the shelf behind me

I felt uncomfortably comfortable
As he walked in the room
Appearing from behind
His successors photograph

It seems that the silences have at last been read
As he begins to make drunken sense
Of the words he repeats in his head.

“Nothing understands a misunderstanding
Better than I understand us.”

I nod.

Maybe we should have
Lingered longer in silence.






You’re upstairs sleeping
I’m downstairs writing
You’re too unconscious to notice
This continental drift

The platelets started stirring
A week ago Wednesday
Only a minor, under water earth quake
Quite easily missed

Then yesterday another shudder
7.9 on the Richter scale
Silent but deadly

I wrote a note
“Gone for a drive”
I’d guessed you’d plead ignorance

It’s just natural continental drift






It’s not easy, loving you

I hope it’s a phase I’m going through

Although I know you and I can’t be right

It’s still thoughts of you that keep me up all night


It’s not easy loving you

The things you don’t and the things you do

Although I know love’s not returned

I’ll jump into the fire and I’ll end up burned


Loving you is very hard

I cut too deep, you see my scars

I don’t like the me I am right now

I can see my neediness being my final bow


It’s not easy loving you

I hope it’s a phase I’m going through

I’d like to keep you as a friend

But I’m too impatient, to quick clicking send


It’s not easy loving you

The things you don’t and the things you do

You know how I feel, yet don’t say a word

I sometimes wonder if you’ve even heard


Loving you is very hard

Not ever knowing what’s on the cards

I miss read things, I don’t know where I stand

You keep playing aces that aren’t in your hand


It’s not easy loving you

When life is hard, and love untrue

Please show me a window, or else show me the door

Let me know what I’m loving you for






On the bridge she stands

Loved teddy in hands

Each clattering that speeds below her

Sends shivers that don’t sway her


On the bridge she stands

Worn teddy in hands

Each flicker from the passers by her

Ignored by the child inside her


On the bridge she stands

Frayed teddy in hands

Each brick a mountain for her

As she climbs ever nearer


On the bridge she stands

Tattered teddy in hands

As the twin lights draw ever brighter

The urge overwhelms her


On the bridge she stands

No teddy in hands

The teddy’s gone forever

But not so of dear Emma






Through your toes

The water glides

And tickles at you ankles


At your calves

The water’s cool

And to your knees it trickles


Another step

Your hips exposed

To fast paced murky water


Now teasing

At your breasts

You sink deep into the river


As you plunge

Your head down

The current rushes around you


You push yourself

Ever deeper

Where no air could find you




Memories devour you


Submerged in aggressive

Pounding water

The river will surround you